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This's the personal home page for James Glendinning.  It's salvaged from my old AOL homepage, and my old AOL profile is linked below.  The former address for this page was http://members.aol.com/slajames, which's now an invalid link.
THE PAGE NEEDS MAJOR UPDATES FROM THE MOVE!  Among other things, none of the images work ATM.
I take pictures... go see more about that Here (SilverLight Esoterica Photography)
I'm a former Solitary Pagan guy, I started out as an eclectic, but they threw me out for being too esoteric.  I've moved more towards agnosticism in the last few years.  I write stories & poems & tell weird jokes and share my wine surplus with good friends. I'm polyamorous & kinky.  There'll be more about my relationship status at the links below, but I'm not looking at this time.  
Want to know more?  Email me or go through some of the links below.
Comments?  Questions?  Flames?  Did I make a typo?  Broken link? (I don't mean inactive ones, I mean ones you click that give errors!)
You will need to manually remove the * from the address or mail will NOT work...the asterisk prevents spambots from harvesting me
I get a LOT of spam!  
If you e-mail PLEASE put "To James RE your Web page/James' Fun House" in the subject line!


Site News 10-31-08
Big news!  AOL shut down their web service.  They gave advance notice so I worked to get everything moved to my own servers.  Unfortunately I didn't move quite fast enough, as some of my image files didn't copy right.  They announced the DAY of closing but not the TIME and I wasn't able to move all my image files so those will all need to be found on my various HDs and replaced.  Obviously the site will need a TREMENDOUS overhaul, and I'll be working on that.  My Blog will be getting hosted here, my Amazon affiliate page & links to eBay auctions will be coming, and basically all sorts of fun changes.  Stay tuned!
From 09-30-08
Sad update. Yeah, I've neglected this place.  I spend most of my time elsewhere (I should update all my links) & keep this for sentimental reasons.  I updated the pics page with a last photo of me & my kitten Persephone before I had to have her put to sleep.
From 11-09-06
Added some stuff to the Quotes pages.  I've made some minor tweaks here & there with things like he counters.  I've actually been surprised to see how much traffic I get, I may actually get off my ass and do more work on the ste.
Those who hate all AOL people should go HERE: HELL















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